Shedrain Vortex Vent Pro Golf Umbrella

  • $69.99
  • Save $13

Shipping & Handling Included

  • Rain & Sun Golf Umbrella
  • 62-inch Arc Provides Ample Coverage
  • Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum Shaft
  • TPR Rubber Grip Handle

When you need the very best wind resistance on the market, the VortexVent™ Pro has you covered. Engineered with an aircraft aluminum shaft, anti-inversion struts and energy-absorbing shocks on every rib plus a unique tip-tensioning system, this double canopy golf umbrella quite literally changes the game.

  • 62-inch arc provides ample coverage
  • Lightweight aircraft aluminum shaft
  • Pressure release vents reduce stress on the frame by allowing wind pressure to release through the canopy.
  • Elastic vent straps joining the upper and lower canopy stretch under high pressure, exposing the vents to allow rapid air release
  • Anti-inversion strut mechanically supports the rib structure to reduce inversion
  • TPR pocket tips with tip tensions system generate a taut canopy, delivering a wing-like form in high wind situations
  • Energy absorbing shock absorbs the energy between joint interaction when under a high stress load
  • Manual open and close
  • TPR Rubber Grip Handle

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