10pcs Newest UV Epoxy Resin Super Fast Curing Crystal Clear

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  • 10pcs Newest UV Epoxy Resin Super Fast Curing Crystal Clear High Transparency Resin Crafts DIY Jewelry Making Kit with Mini Foldable UV Lamp for Beginners Gifts Silicone Resin Molds
  • ★★★ WHAT'S NEW: Through serveral researches and developments based on other brands' UV resin and customers' feedbacks, we proudly introduce our upgraded resin produced with new formula, which has the best transparency, lower viscosity, minimum shrinkage, and most importantly, much faster curing.
  • ★★★ TIME-SAVING: The new resin can be cured completely hard under a 6W mini UV lamp in only 2 minutes (1 minute for both sides), which means less time and lower wattage needed for the process, hugely advanced comparing to the older versions (4 minutes under 36W). You can also leave the resin under direct sunlight and the curing won't be slower.
  • ★★★ HIGHER QUALITY: Undoubtedly excellent transparency, 100% crystal clear and non-yellowing, with hard glassy finish and uniform gloss. According to customers, the new formula resin has obvious smaller shrinking, less bubbles, lower viscosity.
  • ★★★ EASIER TO USE: No preparation is required for the resin. Specially designed nozzle make it easy to control your drops. Perfectly suited for resin jewelry making and crafts decorations, resin pour art, paint, garment accessories and other DIY crafts.
  • ★★★ SAFEST FORMULA: Non-toxic, no harsh chemicals, cruelty free materials. Material safety datasheet available for checking. Note: This product is sensitive to light and heat and needs to be stored in a cool, dry place, protected from light.