50 Reusable Elastic Food Bowl Storage Covers - Variety of 5 translucent stretchable sizes

  • $23.90
  • Save $5

  • ✅ 5 DIFFERENT SIZES AND COLORS; Our set of 50 translucent / Clear covers offers a variety of 5 different sizes compared to 3 of our competitors for all cups, bowls, plates or anything else. The variety pack will include: 10 Green 4” covers, 10 Red 7” covers, 10 Blue 10” covers, 10 Yellow 13 “ covers and 10 white 16” covers
  • ✅ STRETCHABLE AND TRANSLUCENT; These covers will stretch beyond their original rated size to cover bowls smaller or larger than what they are rated for. This provides great convenience since one size will fit many. Quickly cover and store while being able to see what is under the covers without removing them. Great for any leftovers, picnics or BBQ.
  • ✅ REUSABLE OR DIPOSABLE EXTRA STRONG THICK MATERIAL; These covers are 3x the thickness of other competitors. Their tight elastic seal helps keep food fresher for longer. They can also be easily removed and replaced over and over.
  • ✅ MICROWAVE SAFE; Our covers are made with a food grade LATEX band compared to rubber bands of our competitors that is not safe to use in the microwave. Use these covers when defrosting or reheating your left overs! No need for a hard plastic food cover
  • ✅ BPA FREE; Our covers are made from an inert material that contains no Plasticizers, PVC or BPA. Safe materials to use on food is our top priority. These are perfect and safe for family gatherings, picnics, or when transporting plates of food to a potluck dinner or BBQ