55 LB x 0.1 OZ Digital Postal Shipping Scale V2 Weight Postage Kitchen Counting

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SF-550V2 is a full size multifunctional desk top shipping scale. SF-550V2 distinguishes itself from other similar postal scales with its large base and platform, parts counting function, 0.1oz/1g accuracy, and low starting weight (~5g). 

Compared to its previous version, SF-550V2 now has a combined display (LB:OZ or KG:G, see pictures) , while retaining other great features (e.g., back-lit display, AC power input, stable low profile platform) of this versatile shipping scale.  

SF-550V2 is also suitable for many other weighing needs (diet, kitchen, hobbies, hardware, etc.). Its platform can be easily detached for cleaning.

Ready for use -- Tested and re-calibrated before shipping. Batteries and adapter are included. 

Dimensions 8.25" x 9" x 1.8"
Weight 1.8 LB
Capacity 25KG / 55LB
Accuracy 1g/0.1oz
Units KG:G / LB:OZ / PCS
Platform 8.25 x 6.5"
Tare Range Tare full capacity
Counting Function Supported
Display LCD
Power AA x 2 (included)
DC 6V (adapter included)

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