Alum Block Puro Mineral - Natural Crystal Body Deodorant

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  • Alum Block Puro Mineral - Rough Alum Stone - Natural Crystal Body Deodorant Rock - Aluminum Free Deodorant for Women and Men - Travel Size - 120/160 gr - 5 Oz.
  • Why rely on aggressive chemical deodorants for your skin? Try natural ammonium alum deodorant in non-processed rough stone format. Crystal rock deodorant is the best natural remedy for sweat: effective, odourless, breathable, hypoallergenic.
  • Did you know? Sweat itself is odourless: it takes on a bad odour and its sources. Why does alum work? Because it is a mineral that naturally removes this problem, letting the skin breathe but preventing unpleasant odours from forming
  • Thanks to its soothing properties, you can use the alum stone against inflammation after shaving or hair removal, in foot baths, or on your hands to eliminate odours such as fish or onion. The natural unscented deodorant for many small daily problems
  • Puro Mineral is a 100% natural deodorant: aluminium free and without parabens. It is not tested on animals, does not stain and is not greasy. Also suitable for the most sensitive skin, recommended as a salt rock deodorant for children
  • How do you use this natural ammonium alum deodorant? Simple: slightly wet the surface with Puro Mineral and pass it over the affected area. The duration is comparable to industrial deodorants, but it is not aggressive on delicate skin

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