Arctic Zone Ultra Expandable Lunch Box 2-pack

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  • Save $9.05

Shipping & Handling Included

  • Easily Removable Layers Attach at 3 Simple Connection Points
  • All Layers are Machine Washable for Effortless Cleaning
  • Carry Bag Included for Easy Storing and Transporting
  • Hollow Coletherm Insulation Provides Better Body Heat Retention with Less Weight
Whether you’re camping in frigid weather, spending warm nights under the stars, or anything in between, the Coleman All-Weather Multi-Layer Sleeping Bag has you covered. The bag features 3 versatile layers (All Weather, Warm Weather, and Cold Weather) that can be removed or attached at simple connection points based on the anticipated weather conditions. When it’s hot out (60˚F or higher), cover up with the lightweight All Weather fleece sheet. When the temperature drops at night (45˚F–55˚F), swap in the Warm Weather inner bag for more coziness. As the temperature cools (32˚F-45˚F), use the Cold Weather outer bag for a comfortable night's rest. If it gets really frosty out (as low as 0˚F), attach all 3 layers together for ultimate warmth. Ready to pack up? The Roll Control loop fasteners help keep the bag straight while you roll it up, and the included carry bag makes storing and transporting your new sleeping bag to and from the campsite that much easier.

    • Easily removable layers attach at 3 simple connection points
    • All layers are machine washable for effortless cleaning
    • Roll Control keeps the bag straight as you roll it up to make packing super easy
    • Patented ZipPlow zipper allows for snag-free opening and closing
    • Hollow Coletherm insulation provides better body heat retention with less weight
    • Thermolock draft tube prevents heat loss through the zipper

  • Carry bag included for easy storing and transporting

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