Best Purified Omega 7 Oil - Provinal Omega 7 (NON-GMO) All The Palmitoleic Acid EE Your Body Needs – Made From Peruvian Anchovy Fish - High Potency One Month Supply - 30 Softgels

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  • POTENT: Give your body the Palmitoleic Acid Ethyl Ester it needs with a minimum of Palmitic Acid. This patented Provinal non-GMO, non-dairy, gluten free formula, bottled in the USA, is widely acclaimed for its potency and purity.
  • HELP YOUR BODY HELP ITSELF: The omega 7 fatty acid in our purified oil has been shown to be helpful regarding weight gain, maintaining healthy insulin levels and cardiovascular health. In initial studies, Omega 7 helped maintain a healthy balance between HDL (good cholesterol) and the harmful Triglycerides and LDL (bad cholesterol).
  • PRISTINE AND SUSTAINABLE: Unlike some formulas, our potent, purified oil actually comes from fish – the Peruvian anchovy to be exact – which is harvested in a sustainable manner to ensure eco balance and a continuous supply. The World Wildlife Fund has recognized the Peruvian Anchovy Fishery for their sustainability efforts.

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