Cascade Mountain Tech LED Lantern 3pk

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Shipping & Handling Included

  • Ideal For Hanging In A Tent, Hiking, Emergencies and Power Outages
  • High, Low, Red and Red Strobe Option
  • Includes 9 AA Duracell Batteries Per Light
  • Extremely Lightweight and Easily Collapsible For Storage
  • Fold Away Handles/ Hanging Clip
Whether used for camping, emergencies or power outages, this lantern will provide up to 12 hours of bright omnidirectional LED lighting to illuminate your surroundings. New Multimode functions – High, Low, Red and Red Flash – provide a solution for just about every situation. You will be amazed with the 180 lumens (High) of light that this small lantern provides. It's lighter, brighter and more portable than most flashlights while still featuring rugged durability to withstand the outdoors. This lantern is water resistant for more practical use in a high range of environments. No matter where you may be, this collapsible lantern was created to give you better visibility and easier operation. Fold-away handles allow use for any desired location – place it on a table, hang it in a tent, store in your automobile for safety or simply hang from a branch, your environment will be illuminated. Simply unscrew the base, add batteries and you’re ready to go!

  • Includes 3 Pop-Up Multimode LED Lanterns. 9 AA Duracell Alkaline Batteries included
  • Multimode functionality – High, Low, Red and Red Flash – provides up to 180 Lumens
  • Weather resistant and Drop resistant. (meets all FL1 standards)
  • Compact Pop-Up design measures 5.03 inches tall when closed and 7.20 inches when open
  • Includes: 9 Duracell Batteries
  • Dimensions Closed: 3.429in L x 3.429in W x 5.027in H
  • Dimensions Open: 3.429in L x 3.429in H x 7.196in H

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