Dart Foam Hot or Cold Cups 8 oz, 1000-count

Dart Foam Hot or Cold Cups 8 oz, 1000-count

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Did you know that Dart foam products may be recyclable in your community*? For over 20 years, Dart’s CARE program has been collecting and reprocessing foam products worldwide. One of the biggest environmental benefits of foam products is that they do not “clog” landfills as they only constitute less than 1% of landfill wastes. They are not manufactured with chloroflurocarbons (CFC’s) or any other ozone-depleting chemicals. A typical foam cup requires 32% less energy to produce than a comparable paper hot drink cup with cardboard sleeve.  Dart foam cups are cost-effective, sturdy, and well-insulated and are the perfect solutions for your everyday needs.
*Foam recycling facilities exist in a limited, but growing, number of communities. 

    • Foam Cups
    • For hot or cold beverages  
    • Keeps beverages at proper serving temperature
    • One-piece construction reduces chance of leaks
    • White
    • 8 oz Capacity
    • 25 cups per bag  
    • 40 bags per bpx
    • 1,000 Total Cups

Model: DCC8J8

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