D'Artagnan Extreme Wagyu Burger Lovers Bundle 12-pack

  • $159.00
  • Save $35

Shipping & Handling Included

  • 12-8 oz. Kobe-style Wagyu Burgers
  • 12 Artisanal Brioche Burger Buns
  • 1½ lbs (2-12oz packs) Heritage Applewood Smoked Bacon
  • One 8oz Tub of Black Truffle Butter
  • Ships uncooked and frozen
Due to the perishable nature of this item orders do NOT ship over the weekend.  Orders will only ship Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Delivery. Orders placed after 2PM EST on Wednesday will ship the following Monday.

Are you ready for the ultimate burger experience? Imagine a Kobe-style burger on an artisanal brioche burger bun, topped with heritage-breed applewood-smoked bacon and crowned with creamy black truffle butter. 

Every element of this burger is special, beginning with the beef: D’Artagnan Kobe-style beef comes from Wagyu cattle, the same breed that produces the famous Kobe beef of Japan. When raised in the United States, these cattle produce equally tender beef, but are referred to as “Kobe-style” or simply “Wagyu.” The texture of this incredible beef carries a softness that defies description, along with that world-renowned buttery Kobe flavor. 

American Wagyu beef offers buttery tenderness from pure Japanese Wagyu genetics, and robust beefy flavor from the small percentage of Certified Black Angus in the herd. It’s the best of both worlds, united in one tenderloin.

Just like the burgers, the bacon has impeccable credentials: heritage-breed hogs known for great taste and creamy fat are raised naturally on small family farms. The pork bellies are smoked over real applewood, and are cured without additives or nitrites. This slightly sweet bacon is the perfect topping for the burgers. 

That would be enough for most, but to take this burger to the extreme, add D’Artagnan’s rich black truffle butter, with its pungent aroma, distinct flavor and aura of luxury for the ultimate burger topping. 

What can you put these mega-burger ingredients on? Nothing but the best, artisanally-baked brioche buns will do. Not your standard burger bun, these buttery and springy brioche buns work perfectly with the other elements to create the ultimate fantasy burger. Your mouth will thank you. 

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