Java House-RTD Colombian Black Cold Brew-10 Ounce (12 Pack)-Cold Brew Coffee, Colombian Blend-Delicious Coffee Hot or Iced

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  • GRAB & GO: Delicious, cold brew coffee on the go. With JAVA HOUSE Colombian Black Cold Brew, you can easily get your caffeine fix with a bottle of ready-to-drink cold brew coffee. Enjoy hot, cold, at breakfast, in the car, at work, or at the gym.
  • BOLD FLAVOR: Every sip of our JAVA HOUSE Authentic Cold Brew is brimming with bold, rich flavor that contains hints of molasses, walnut and cocoa. Our ready-to-drink cold brew coffee adds brightness & a touch fruitiness with none of the bitterness.
  • SMOOTH & RICH: JAVA HOUSE Authentic Cold Brew Coffee is crafted for ultimate smoothness. We use only premium 100% Arabica beans and steep them to perfection in small batches to ensure the smoothness only cold brew can deliver.
  • SMOOTH FEEL: Hot water brewing can cause coffee grinds to oxidize more quickly, resulting in coffee that's aromatic but bitter. The cold brew process delivers a beverage that is smoother, naturally sweeter than hot brewed coffee, and less acidic.
  • INCOMPARABLE FLAVOR: Compare the rich, bold flavor of JAVA HOUSE to Kohana, Complete Nutrition, Zest Tea, Starbucks, Maxwell House, Gevalia, Dunkin Donuts, Mr. Brown, SToK, Gradys, Madrinas, Tiny Footprint, Skinny Iced Coffee & Caffe D'Vita.  

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