Joy of Cooking Cookbook

Joy of Cooking Cookbook

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  • Exclusive Costco Edition
  • The Trusted Kitchen Classic for a New Generation of JOY
  • 600 New Recipes
  • Revised and Updated Recipes
  • Hardcover

Irma Rombauer self-published the first Joy of Cooking in 1931. In 1936, the first commercial edition was published by Bobbs-Merrill. Marion Rombauer Becker, Irma’s daughter, helped revise and update each subsequent edition until 1951. The 1963 edition was the first after Irma’s death and was completely Marion’s. Her son, Ethan Becker, helped Marion revise the 1975 edition, and then oversaw the 1997 and 75th Anniversary editions. Ethan’s son, John Becker and his wife, Megan Scott are the first of the family to be solely responsible for testing, revising, and updating the book since 1975, ensuring the latest edition is given the same love and attention to detail that made this culinary resource an American classic.  

This 2019 fully revised and updated Costco exclusive edition comes with a letter of introduction from the authors as well as four menus and sixteen bonus reipes that are not in the regular edition. The additional menus are arranged seasonally:
  • Warming Winter Feasts
  • Spring Celebration
  • Summer Garden Party
  • Fall Family Dinner

Authors: Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker, Ethan Becker, John Becker, and Megan Scott
Format: Hardcover

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