M WAY Key Finder,MWAY Wireless RF Item Locator Key Tracker Anti-Lost Alarm Keychain,1 RF Transmitter 6 Receivers Key Purse Pet Cell Phone Luggage,Small Things

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  • 6 KEY FINDERS: attach the receives to any 6 items and simply press the number buttons to locate them. Easy to use and operate.
  • SIMPLE DESIGN: this key finder with modern and beautiful design, the receiver is very thick, If you attach it in your purse or key, it will not take up the space. What!Ps more, the key finer is easy to install. The base can be installing on the wall or the back of door, also can be place on the table.
  • SAVE YOUR TIME: Life is busy. People may temporarily amnesia, especially the elder and children are easier to forget things. It is hard to look for the thing what you have lost immediately. But if you have key finder, only need to press the button, you can fine the lost according to the sound. Key finer make your life become intelligent and help you solve the small trouble in the work or life.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Detachable transmitter bracket, not only can pur it on the desktop, but also can be n MULTITASK MANAGEMENT. The key finder (receivers) can be attached to key, mobile phone, wallet and luggage, etc. almost all the important items. It!Ps feasible and practical in personal life and work.
  • ONE KEY CALLING, SIMPLE TO OPERATE: With just one press on the button of the transmitter, the beep sound from the key finder(receiver) will lead you to locate and find the lost item.

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