Magnetic Microwave Cover-Splatter Guard/Lid By CG Well-Being–with Food Lid-Steam Vent For Stainless Steel Microwaves–Full Plate Coverage–Hover– Dishwasher Safe- Anti-Sputtering

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The Ultimate Microwave Splatter Guard Is Finally Here –And It’s Brought To You By CG-WELLBEING! Are you leading a super-busy life and use your microwave often during the week? Do you hate having to scrub greasy food residue from inside it every day? Would you like to find an effective, handy, and easy way to avoid all this mess, and to stop using paper plates to cover your food? If so, then we have got the BEST news for you; a fantastic magnetic microwave food cover that you will certainly love! Deluxe Quality, Food-Save Material Combined With 100% Practicality! Time is money –and who wants to spend it trying to clean their microwave after heating their meal? But what can you? Most plastic covers won’t stay in place, they touch your food, or are extremely difficult to wash as well –not to mention that they don’t allow your meal to be heated properly! Well, worry not –CG-WELLBEING has got the perfect solution for all of these problems! Made of food-safe, BPA-free, long-lasting material, this advanced splatter guard has a unique trait; a magnet on its top that allows it to stay away from your food! What’s more, it features a steam vent which helps the microwave heat to be distributed evenly. It is super tall and wide and will cover almost any cup, bowl, or dish. Last, but not least, it can be easily washed with some warm water and soap, or on the dishwasher’s top rack –what more could someone ask for? So, Don’t Waste Another Precious Second! Click That “Add To Cart”Button & GetRid Of Microwave ScrubbingOnce And For All! *** The Only Seller authorized to sell CG Well-Being Is CG Listing.***

  • KEEP YOUR MICROWAVE CLEAN AND YOUR FOOD PERFECTLY HEATED! If your microwave has a flat top and is made of stainless steel, you have now found the best way to keep your food warm and your microwave in tip-top condition, without oil and sauce spills; simply use this premium quality, magnetic food guard!
  • UNIQUE ADVANCED MAGNETIC APPLICATION! Unlike many similar products, that are simple plastic lids, our food cover boasts a strong magnet on its top. The magnet is attached to the top of your microwave’s inside. The result? The lid won’t touch your food, and your microwave will remain perfectly neat and clean!
  • ENJOY DELICIOUS & EVENLY HEATED MEALS! Thanks to the specially designed steam vent on the top of our food cover lid, all the excess steam will be released, which allows for the heat to be distributed evenly. Hence, you can enjoy your yummy meal at an excellent, warm temperature!
  • COVERS EVERY PLATE & IS SUPER EASY TO WASH! Don’t worry about what kind of plate, dish, bowl, or cup you want to heat; this food lid is tall and wide enough to cover the majority of almost any standard-sized dishware! And when you’re done, you can wipe it clean with some soap and warm water, or put it on the top rack of your dishwasher!

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