MATRIX Total Results Dark Envy Red Neutralization Toning Hair Mask,

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Product Description

Seeing red? Enrich dark bases with Dark Envy - Our first range that neutralizes red undertones in virgin and all-over black to dark brown hair color. Dark Envy Red Neutralization Hair Mask has a complex concentration of dyes to neutralize red undertones on dark brunette bases while deeply nourishing the hair fiber and leaving a radiant sheen. - Virgin and All-Over Black to Dark Brown Hair Color - Best for Levels 1-4 - Combination of blue-green direct dyes - End result leaves dark bases with depth & cool, glossy finish - Signature fragrance of citrus, jasmine and cedarwood Pro Tip: Designed for levels 1-4, Dark Envy should not be used on white or grey hair as it can cause this hair to take on a greenish hue. This also includes any hair that has been lightened to level 5 or lighter with color, lightener or the sun. How To Use: Shampoo. Rinse. While wearing gloves, apply to wet hair avoiding scalp area. Process up to 5 minutes, depending on desired cooling effect. Rinse thoroughly. Style hair as usual. Use weekly. *Using the Dark Envy Shampoo and Mask- Results may vary depending on the porosity of hair. Always wear gloves & avoid the scalp as it can potentially cause staining. Q- WHAT CAUSES RED UNDERTONES IN DARK BASES? A- Red undertones in dark bases can be caused by sun, water/chlorine, bleaching/highlighting, and chemical processes or excessive use of hot tools. Q- HOW DOES DARK ENVY HAIR MASK DIFFER FROM TOTAL RESULTS BRASS OFF HAIR MASK & SO SILVER HAIR MASK? A- Dark Envy contains direct dyes that help neutralize red undertones in hair levels 1-4. Brass Off contains direct dyes that help neutralize orange undertones in hair levels 5-7. So Silver contains direct dyes that help neutralize yellow undertones in hair levels 8-10+.

Brand Story

MATRIX is a leading professional hair care and hair color brand worldwide. We aim to provide professional hairdressers and their clients with hair care and styling products that inspire creativity and deliver superior results.