Mio Body Brush

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Your skin is a major organ of elimination and detoxification – just like your liver, colon and kidneys. Your lymphatic system uses your skin to help detox and it over one third of your body’s daily Impurities are excreted through your skin. So when we talk about your Mio goal of having FIT, healthy, well-functioning skin, you now know exactly why it is so important. As we get a little older, our skin becomes less efficient at this whole detox/elimination process and less effective at naturally shedding the layers of dead skin cells that clog up the surface. Body brushing is a fast and very effective way of helping keep your skin in peak condition.

Brand Story

Mio Skincare’s mantra is that your skin should be as fit and healthy as the rest of your body. This range is perfect for women of all ages, and is formulated to give you fit skin that glows with energy.

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