OPTI-FREE Replenish Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution, 28 Ounces

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  • Includes 2 Free Lens Cases And Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Contact Lens Solution
  • 2 Bottles, 14 oz. each

OPTI-FREE® Replenish® Solution

  • OPTI-FREE® Replenish® is a multi-purpose contact lens solution that not only cleans your lenses with an exclusive dual disinfecting formula, it also reconditions and retains moisture for enhanced comfort throughout the day.

    *Alcon data on file, 2015

    • Contains a proven dual disinfecting system that reduces harmful microorganisms (germs) on the surfaces of lenses
    • Has TearGlyde®, a proprietary reconditioning system that works synergistically with your tears to create a shield of comfortable moisture all day
    • Can be used with soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel
    • OPTI-FREE® Replenish® features an exclusive formula not found in any store brand contact solution 
  • Package contains: Two 14 oz bottles of OPTI-FREE® Replenish® Contact Lens Solution and two lens cases
  • It’s easy to clean, disinfect and recondition your contact lenses with OPTI-FREE® Replenish®. Here’s how:

  • 1. Wet each side of your contact lenses thoroughly with the solution. Rub the lens for 20 seconds.

  • 2. Rinse each side of the lens for 10 seconds with a steady stream of the solution.

  • 3. Fill your lens case with fresh OPTI-FREE® Replenish® Solution.

  • 4. Soak lenses in the closed case overnight. After at least 6 hours, your lenses will be ready to wear. (NOTE: if any debris remains on your lenses, rinse them with the solution before wearing)
  • You can leave your contacts in the unopened case with OPTI-FREE® Replenish® Solution for up to 30 days. After this time, you must clean and disinfect them with OPTI-FREE® Replenish® Solution before wear.
  • Use OPTI-FREE® Replenish® and follow these helpful tips for a better lens care experience:

    • Always wash, rinse, and dry your hands before handling your contact lenses
    • Be sure to use a proper lens case
    • Only use fresh contact lens solution when cleaning and storing your lenses. Never re-use old solution.
    • Pour out the used solution from the lens case and rinse it with fresh solution. Rinsing with tap water can expose your eyes to infection.
    • Keep the lens case dry between uses
    • Always replace your solutions, lenses and lens case as directed
    • Clean and disinfect your lenses daily with OPTI-FREE® Replenish® 
  • OPTI-FREE® Replenish® Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution is a sterile, buffered, isotonic, aqueous solution containing sodium citrate, sodium chloride, sodium borate, propylene glycol, TEARGLYDE® proprietary dual action reconditioning system (TETRONIC® 1304†, nonanoyl ethylenediaminetriacetic acid) with POLYQUAD® (polyquaternium-1) 0.001% and ALDOX® (myristamidopropyl dimethylamine) 0.0005% preservatives.
    • You must follow the product instructions. Failure to do so may lead to vision loss.
    • To avoid contamination, replace the cap after using and never touch the tip of the container to any surface.
    • Always replace your solution and contact lenses as directed.
    • OPTI-FREE® Replenish® is not for use with heat (thermal) disinfection.
    • Store at room temperature.
    • Keep out of the reach of children.

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