Paradise Green Dried Golden Thailand Mango 100% All Natural No Added Sugar No Preservatives 16 OZ

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🍊 PARADISE GREEN is PREMIUM QUALITY because we harvest the Golden Mangoes that are only grown in the tropical rain forests of Thailand. They're special because of our unique drying process which allows them to taste like fresh mangoes but remain High in Calcium and they're also a very good Source of Vitamin C. Just one bite of our delicious Golden Dehydrated Mango from Thailand and you will understand why they are PREMIUM QUALITY!

🍊 AN EXOTIC AND NUTRITIOUS TREAT FOR EVERYONE. It’s the perfect ready to eat dried fruit. Can be used as attractive toppings and fillings to make dessert pies, tarts, and cakes, snacks, or used as garnish for food platters. High in Vitamin C and naturally a fat free food. The Dried Mango is a great alternative for an all day snack. Net Weight: 3.5 ounces per pack.

🍊 One taste of PARADISE GREEN'S Dried Mango and you won’t need to look anywhere else. You will understand why our customers absolutely love us and why we absolutely love them too! Enjoy!

  • 🌴 Golden Thailand Mango: Only with Paradise Green can you get the Golden Thai Mango this FRESH!
  • 🌴LOW PRICE: Our goal is to try and give our customers the lowest price per ounce.
  • 🌴GREAT TASTE: Fat free, sweet and moist, high in vitamin C.
  • 🌴ALWAYS FRESH: No Added Sugar or Preservatives. 

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