Secret Fresh Waterlily Invisible Solid APDO 2.6 oz., 3-count + 0.5 oz Freshie

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  • Cool Water Lily Scent
  • 3 Fresh + 1 To-Go

Secret Invisible Solid Freshies, Cool WaterLily

  • Secret Invisible Solid Freshies Antiperspirant and Deodorant, Cool WaterLily Scent

    Secret Freshie is a small, discreet, portable antiperspirant and deodorant designed specifically for your on-the-go lifestyle. It gives you odor and wetness protection when you need it most because it can be quickly and easily reapplied throughout the busiest days for an instant burst of freshness. It's perfect to keep in your purse, backpack, gym bag, clutch, or desk drawer for a discreet, instant boost of odor and sweat protection. Secret Invisible Solid gives a smooth, even application. Use with other Secret Fresh deodorants for unstoppable freshness in the morning, mid-day, and all night strong.

Use Together For All Day Freshness

  • Welcome to protection that's as unstoppable as you! When Freshies are used with the other Secret deodorants included, you will have unstoppable freshness in the morning, mid-day, and all night strong. First, apply your favorite Secret deodorant in the a.m. and then pack your portable Freshies and reapply as needed throughout the day. From your beach bag to your party clutch, from the boardroom to the gym, you can depend on Freshies. Freshies are fun and practical for all of life's moments. A little confidence can go a long way; keep yours going strong with Freshies!

Freshies On-the-Go

  • Discreet Freshness

    Freshies are discreet, easy-to-use spheres of antiperspirant and deodorant for fragrant, on-the-go freshness that's all your own.
  • Twist, Swipe, and Go

    Go fresh all day long with Freshies. Twist, swipe, and go with the powerful protection of an invisible solid in a small, discreet ball.
  • Put Your Hands Up

    Refresh on the go, wherever you go. Put your hands up with the clean confidence you get from versatile Freshies.
  • You're Covered All Day

    This package includes 3 sticks of antiperspirant/deodorant for your mornings and a Freshie to use throughout the day.


  • Is this a deodorant or a lip balm?
    Secret Freshies is an antiperspirant and deodorant for use on underarms. It is not a lip balm or for use on the lip area.

    What is antiperspirant and how does it work?

    Antiperspirants act by plugging the sweat ducts, reducing wetness. Because perspiration stimulates odor-causing bacteria, antiperspirants also help reduce body odor.

    How do Secret antiperspirants help prevent underarm odor and wetness?

    Because perspiration in the underarms doesn't readily evaporate, a feeling of sweat results, and bacteria thrive in that sweat, creating underarm odor. Secret works by slowing the flow of perspiration to the surface of the skin. It does so by being pH- (measure of alkalinity) balanced. When the active ingredient in Secret comes in contact with your perspiration, it dissolves into the sweat ducts. As you continue to perspire, the perspiration makes the pH of the solution rise. When the solution reaches a high enough pH, the active ingredient forms superficial plugs in those sweat ducts, reducing the flow of perspiration to keep you feeling dry. Secret protects you from underarm sweat (antiperspirant) and also helps prevent underarm odor (deodorant).

    What causes underarm wetness and odor?

    Perspiration is the body's natural way to regulate its temperature and hydrate the skin. Perspiration itself is essentially odorless and evaporates readily. In areas like underarms, where perspiration can't readily evaporate, it causes the feeling of wetness. Bacteria, which thrive in warm and moist surroundings, break down the perspiration and create underarm odor.

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