Swiffer Wetjet Mopping Refill Pack (32 Pads plus 2 Bottles of Cleaner 1.25L ea.)

  • $34.89
  • Save $5.11

Swiffer WetJet Multi-Purpose Cleaner Solution reveals a virtually streak-free shine. It dissolves tough, greasy and sticky dirt and has the Open Window Fresh scent to leave your house smelling clean. It dries fast with virtually no streaks or residue. The Swiffer Wetjet super-absorbent pads trap and lock away dirt in its core, cleaning and absorbing messes. When you're done, just remove the pad and throw it-and all that dirt-away forever.

  • Swiffer Wetjet Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solution dissolves tough, greasy and sticky dirt
  • Dries fast with virtually no streaking or hazing
  • Super-absorbent pad traps and locks dirt away in its core
  • Open Window Fresh scent

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