Sylvania STAYLIT Multi-Ceramic C9 LED Light Set, 2-pack

  • $33.99
  • Save $7


  • 2 Pack, 50 ct Multi-Ceramic LED Lights
  • Connect Up to 30 Sets
  • 5 Year Guarantee


The Sylvania STAYLIT Multi-Ceramic LED Lights are truly amazing Christmas Lights. The set will stay lit even if a bulb is loose, burnt out, broken, or even missing. Set has a 5 year guarantee. 2 pack 50 ct LED C9 LED lighting has a 98% energy savings compared to standard lights. This decorative Christmas string has a 32.6 ft (9.9m) lighted length and can connect up to 30 sets end-to-end. Special end connectors allow the set to be synchronized together.  


  • Up to 25,000 hour bulb life
  • Connect Up to 30 sets
  • UL Listed: Yes
  • Flicker-Free lighting
  • Total length: 33 ft
  • Suitable for Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • Made in China

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