The Spice Lab Pink Himalayan Salt - 1 Kilo Coarse - Pure Gourmet Crystals - Nutrient and Mineral Dense for Health - Kosher and Natural Certified

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  • 100% CERTIFIED AND NATURAL: Does not contain any pieces of plastic like some of our competitors!
  • BEST USED FOR: Seasoning for grilled meats, fish, ribs, eggs, vegetables, soups, stews, pasta salads as well as baking & can be used for salt baths.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: For centuries, Pink Himalayan Salt is used by health professionals, spas and individuals who are interested in utilizing natural products to heal the body and relax the mind.
  • OTHER BENEFITS: Stimulating circulation, lowering blood pressure and removing toxins such as heavy metals from the body are just a few of the many benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt.
  • 84 ELEMENTS & IRON. The high mineral content of the Himalayan salt crystals range in color from sheer white to varying shades of pink to deep reds.

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