TRIbella Premium Wine Aerator 2-pack

  • $64.99
  • Save $17.01

Shipping & Handling Included

  • Includes 2 Aerators and 2 Carry Cases
  • Perfect Wine Accessory to Take on the Go
  • Polycarbonate Base
  • Rubberized Bottle Gasket
  • FDA Tested and Approved
Recently called the “The Greatest Aerator Of All Time” by an industry publication. TRIbella is the perfect wine gift, wedding gift, or business gift, for any wine lover. Use the TRIbella wine pourer to create beauty and aeration with every glass. Comes elegantly packaged with a protective hard case making it perfect wine accessory to take on the go or on your next trip to the wine country. Polycarbonite Base, Stainless Steel Pouring Tubes, Rubberized Bottle Gasket, FDA Tested and Approved.


Polycarbonite base, Stainless steel pouring tubes, Rubberized bottle gasket, FDA tested and approved



This well-designed, engineered aerator comes in its own protective and convenient carrying case so that you can bring the perfect pour with you anywhere.


This patented multi-stream wine aeration device makes pouring your wine simple, elegant, and drip free. Easy to clean - just a simple rinse under tap water does the trick



"We Just Found What We Think Is The Greatest Aerator Of All Time!" - Drink Me Magazine

The TRIbella has such a novel presence on the dining room floor, I find guests ordering more bottles of wine just to see it pour.

- Chris Fronsoe

Sommelier, Portland City Grill

Hall of Fame, Top 100 Wine Restaurants

Wine Enthusiast (August 2014, p.81)


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