Ultrabrite KANU LED Desk Lamp with Fan

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  • Save $10

Shipping & Handling Included

  • Adjustable Brightness, Light Temperature, and Color
  • 3 Stage Bladeless Fan
  • 2 USB Charging Ports
  • Flexible Neck
With its 64 long lasting LEDs, this lamp provides uniform & soft illumination while evenly distributing optimum light with minimal glare and shadows for visual fatigue relief. You can also choose between 3 modes of color temperature (warm/natural/bright light) according to your comfort and lighting needs. The lamp also includes a stylish bladeless fan which has been seamlessly integrated into the base of the lamp. This lamp will circulate a cool stream of air while providing bright lumination. The fan controls are independent from the lamp settings and gives you 3 fan speeds to choose from. Two integrated USB ports in the base offers two 2.1 amp ports. Plug in and charge your electronic devices conveniently within your reach. The 64 ultra bright LEDs have a life span of 35,000 hours.

  • Light Bulbs: 64 Energy-Efficient LEDs
  • Fan Speed: 3 Stages
  • Fan Type: Bladeless
  • Brightness Levels: 5 Levels of Brightness
  • Light Temperature Modes: 3 Modes (Warm/Natural/Bright Light)
  • LED Life: 35,000 hours
  • USB Port Type: 2 Charging ports – 2.1A (5V)
  • Light Output (Lumens): 700-800LM
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 80
  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT): Cold (4800K), Warm (2800K), Neutral (3700K)
  • Watts: 12W
  • Input Voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power: DC 12V 3A
  • Product Height (max): 27.2” (69.0cm)
  • Base Size: 6.0”L X 6.3”W (15.2 x 16.0cm)

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