Underarm Shirt Guards (Sweat Pads) by Canary Tail

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Underarm Shirt Guards (Sweat Pads) by Canary Tail – Extra Tear-Resistant – 40 Pieces (20 Pairs), Size M, White

What are Shirt Guards?

Shirt Guards are attached to the inside of your shirt or blouse to keep your underarm regions dry, comfortable, hygienic, and clean. At the end of the day, you simply peel them off and discard them.

Canary Tail Shirt Guards are made from hypoallergenic material to help prevent skin reactions. Each pair is individually plastic-sealed.

These size M (4.5 x 4.9 in) Shirt Guards were found in our tests to fit most men and women the best.

What sets our Shirt Guards apart from our competitors' products?

Shirt Guards should be discreet, light, and soft, but at the same time strong enough to not tear when you remove them. Their adhesive should be strong enough to keep them in place when you wear them, but it shouldn't leave residues behind.

As Amazon's reviews reveal, many competitors' products (in particular low-cost alternatives) frequently tear apart during removal, leaving persistent residues of adhesive and cotton on your shirt.

Our Shirt Guards have an extra tear-resistant custom-made foundation, which together with their specially designed adhesive pattern prevents any such accidents.

How do I use Shirt Guards?

Shirt Guards are easy to use:

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