Wet & Forget Weekly Shower Cleaner 64 oz., 2-pack

Wet & Forget Weekly Shower Cleaner 64 oz., 2-pack

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  • High Capacity Sprayer
  • Bleach-free, Ammonia-free and No Fumes
  • Cleans and Prevents Soap Scum
Get your shower clean without all the fuss, Wet & Forget Shower. Simply spray your shower with Wet & Forget, once a week, to clean and prevent the build-up of soap scum, body oils and shower grime. Cleans mold and mildew stains, too. Spray Wet & Forget Shower on fixtures, shower curtains, enclosures, glass, tiles, tubs, and more. There’s no wiping or scrubbing. The next day, simply rinse clean. 

  • Use once per week for a clean shower or tub
  • Cleans and prevents soap scum and shower grime
  • Spray and rinse formula
  • No scrubbing or wiping necessary
  • Bleach-free, ammonia-free and no fumes
  • Soft vanilla scent
  • High capacity sprayer

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