WiZ WiFi Smart Bulb A-19 White, 4-pack

  • $49.95
  • Save $9.05

Shipping & Handling Included

  • Voice Control With Alexa, Google Assistant And Siri Shortcuts
  • 60 Watt Replacement, 800 Lumens
  • Tunable White- Warm White To Daylight
  • Set Schedules and Timers
  • Operate With WiFi No Hub Needed






GOOGLE ASSISTANT - Built into the Google Home line of smart speakers and available on both Android and Apple smartphones.

AMAZON ALEXA - Control one specific light, a room or even the whole home.

Sample voice commands that work for both:
"Turn on the lights.
Turn off the lights in the bedroom.
Dim kitchen to 20%.
Set brightness of bedroom to 60%.
Turn on Yoga Time." 




SIRI SHORTCUTS - Great to call up Scenes with personalized voice commands if you have an iPhone, the Apple HomePod or an iPad. No need for any other voice control devices.

For example, you can have all your lights go into Fireplace mode whenever you say, "Winter is coming." Or have your lights go brighter when you say, "Dinner time!"

Set-up is as easy as clicking the "Add to Siri" button in the WiZ app.







HIGHLY-RATED APP - The WiZ app is a professional grade lighting control system. It stands out from other “lighttainment” apps with its scalability – it can smoothly manage hundreds of lights in multiple locations.

QUICK LIGHT CONTROL - Our widget lets you control your lights even when you haven’t unlocked your phone. No additional download needed — it comes with the app.

THE RIGHT LIGHT AT THE RIGHT MOMENT - Scheduled presets let you customize the default light that comes on throughout the day, e.g. daylight in the morning and warm white at night.

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